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A.I.S. has several public speakers available to your group or organization.

Dr. Adam Key

Is a speech instructor and director of the prison debate program at Lee College’s Huntsville Center, one of the oldest and largest post-secondary prison education programs in the world. Since 2011, he has been teaching speech and communication classes to more than 1,000 incarcerated students in Texas prisons. He is the founder and director of the Huntsville Center debate program, the first debate team inside a Texas prison, that defeated Texas A&M in 2016 and Wiley College’s “The Great Debaters” in October 2017. He is also heavily involved in the TED community, having spoken about prison education at TEDxTAMU, hosted the first TEDx event (TEDxLeeCollegeHuntsville) in a Texas prison, and attended TEDGlobal in Tanzania where he was invited on stage to give a response to a talk by a former prisoner. His work has been covered by local, state, national, and international media including CNN, Rolling Stone, Al Jazeera, Texas Monthly, and USA Today

Jeremy Coffman

Is a speech instructor and the director of debate at Prairie View A&M University. As a competitor in debate, Mr. Coffman was a multiple-time national champion in the International Public Debate Association, in the Team Division, Varsity Division, and Professional Division. As a coach, he has coached students at the collegiate level for many years, and most recently coached two of his students from Prairie View A&M to second place in the first ever Historically Black College and Universities National Forensics Tournament. He has also worked with Adam Key and the Lee College Huntsville Center prison debate program as a coach for their team, providing assistance in both of their victories over Texas A&M in 2016 and Wiley College in 2017.

Steve Goode

has been in public speaking for 18 years now in different roles. He has won 21 first place speaking awards at national competitions. He is a two-time national debate champion. He now pastors a church. While in college Steve’s focus was intra/interpersonal communication with an emphasis on crisis and grief. He has a chapter published in Reverse Mentoring titled “Return From Substance Abuse: Rehabilitated into Life.” Steve has had to overcome many obstacles in his life to get where he is today. He was born with three major heart defects that required major reconstructive surgery as a baby. The Dr.’s said IF he lived, he would not live past his 40’s. (He turned 50 in August 2018). He has since battled the effects of the scar tissue from that surgery resulting in major episodes of atrial fibrillation among other complications like un-operable blockages. None of this has stopped him from being a dynamic presenter that brings education, fun and excitement wherever he goes.

David Mains

is a cofounder of A.I.S. He was a licensed boxing and MMA promotor, and received numerous awards including the Congressional Businessman of the Year Award. He routinely received invitations to The White House quarterly events, and he has appeared on television and radio. He is also a former inmate having completed a ten years sentence in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ). While incarcerated, he studied debate under the tutelage of Adam Key and Jeremey Coffman and was captain of the Lee College Huntsville Center Debate Team, the first debate team inside of a Texas prison, that defeated Texas A&M in October of 2016 and Wiley College’s “The Great Debaters” in October 2017. He was also the first inmate in a Texas prison to present a TEDx (TEDxLeeCollegeHuntsville) where he discussed the importance of teaching debate.


We have speakers available to present on the following topics

  • Crisis
  • Debate
  • Faith
  • Free Thought
  • Grief
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Intrapersonal communication
  • Overcoming fear
  • Overcoming life’s problems
  • Personal Motivation
  • Prison Conditions
  • Prison Education
  • Substance Abuse
  • Other Topics Available Upon Request


We offer speakers who are experienced in the following:


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