Our mission is to provide high-quality products and services at affordable prices to those incarcerated in the United States, their friends, and families

“Helping others to help themselves”– Mantra


Many of those who are incarcerated must rely on their family and friends to provide things such as parole packets, parole status updates, book orders, or to address and correct issues within the system (like false disciplinary cases, conditions of confinement, etc.). What a lot of people fail to realize is that their family and friends in the “Free World” are busy, and time moves at a much faster pace out here. A.I.S. wants to help correct this problem. We are here to be the middle man so that family and friends do not need to be. We are here to provide a direct link between the incarcerated and the world to connect them to their wants and needs. Let us be that contact point. Let us help your incarcerated loved one to help themselves.


Our staff, from our founders to our part-time employees, are in a unique position to help the incarcerated as we have all either directly or indirectly had to deal with the prison system. This allows us to see the problems that the incarcerated, and their families, have to deal with every day. It also us to better understand the needs of those currently involved with the prison system, as well as the wants and needs of those inside of jails & prison. We also know what it’s like to have a loved one who is incarcerated, which allows us to relate to the friends and families of our clients. We can better serve you because we have been in your shoes and we know how we can help you and your loved ones dealing with incarceration.


Affordable Inmate Services, LLC is a Limited Liability Corporation on file with the Texas Secretary of State and legally doing business as “A.I.S.” We are also maintain a Dun & Bradstreet number.

Parole services

  • Parole Packets
  • Candidate’s Letter to the Parole Board
  • Friend or Family Member Support Letters

Advocacy services

  • Disciplinary Appeals
  • Ombudsman’s Complaints
  • Conditions of Confinement Complaints
  • ADA Complaints
  • Hardship Transfer Request

General Services

  • General Research
  • Advanced Internet Research
  • Book/Gift Research/Ordering
  • Legal Research
    • Case Law
    • Police Reports
    • Court Documents
    • FOIA/PIA Requests
    • Advanced Paralegal Research
  • Other Services Available Upon Request

Key Managers

Dave Mains

General Manager (Co-Founder): David Mains

has worked as a retail sales manager of two former Fortune 500 companies; and as an efficiency expert hired to transform failing businesses (ranging from fast food to veterinary hospitals). He was the founder and co-owner of several other business ventures and was a licensed boxing and MMA promoter. He has received several awards in business to include the United States Congress Businessman of the Year Award. He was disabled and had issues with prescription medications ultimately leading him down a path which resulted in a ten (10) year sentence in the TDCJ. He was housed on Telford, Beto, and The Walls Units. While incarcerated he studied the law, and designed a parole packet system which had such a high success rate with parole that he was approached by Chaplaincy to create a Workshop to teach other offenders how to write their own parole packets. This workshop is still being taught today within the TDCJ. He is active in debate, and was the Team Captain of the Lee College Huntsville Center Prison Debate Team which defeated Texas A&M (2016) and Wiley College “The Great Debaters” (2017).

He has appeared on numerous television and radio programs. David is an active public speaker and has spoken at the following events since his incarceration: TEDx Lee College Huntsville in 2017 (Presenter); National Communication Association 2018 Conference (Panelist); Texas Correctional Education Conference (Keynote); Arkansas Department of Corrections (Speaker); RebLaw 25, Yale Law School (Organizer/Panelist). Although he is a paralegal and not an attorney, he maintains affiliate memberships in the National Lawyers Guild, the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. David is also an active member of the following organizations: Texas CURE (President); National CURE (Board Member); National Communication Association; SFA Toastmasters International (President), and Pi Kappa Delta (Treasurer). Upon release, he was offered positions with multiple law firms as a paralegal researcher, which he turned down in order to start A.I.S. with his partner, Donna Daniel.


Operations Manager (Co-Founder) Donna Daniel

has a degree in secondary education from Stephen F. Austin and is retired from thirty-four (34) years in law enforcement. She has served in a variety of law enforcement roles including: a trooper for the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), deputy sheriff of several counties (to include Angelina and Nacogdoches), and is a former Justice of the Peace. She has represented several agencies, for newsworthy cases and has been seen on Good Morning America, the Today Show, 48-Hours, 60-Minutes, and several other broadcasts. She has worked as a human resource manager, and in accounting. She is familiar with both sides of the law as she has ministered to women in the Nacogdoches County jail, and her husband is serving a life sentence in the TDCJ. Through dealing with her husband’s incarceration, she witnessed first hand the needs of offenders, and the people and organizations who appeared to be in business for no other reason than to take advantage of those who are incarcerated. She has vowed to make a difference by providing offenders, as well as their families and friends, with high quality products and services that they want and need at affordable prices and has partnered with David Mains to form A.I.S. to do so.